Dear friends, what you are about to enjoy took several years to create. We paid careful attention to quality and the authentic flavors of true American BBQ, from making our own BBQ sauce, dressings and seasonings, to creating our own proprietary smoking process. It took a couple more years to perfect and create the Smokey’s brand. Our smoke wood chips, cooking/smoking equipment, décor and Executive Chef are all imported from the USA. We hope you enjoy the food and dining experience we’ve created for you.

It’s all about the Smoke!
We prepare, smoke and slow roast our smoked specialties using our secret blend of seasoning and wood chips imported from the USA, making the flavors unique to Smokey’s . Using traditional American methods to smoke and slow roast the meats at very low temperatures, the cooking process can take several hours, 20+ hours in some cases! leaving the meat tender and bursting with flavor. This process creates a taste sensation and texture that is different from the local traditions. Our smoked selection meats are slow roasted and NEVER boiled or steamed. No liquid or powdered smoke here! Not in our seasoning nor in our sauces. So go on now, cut off a rib, pick it up, dunk it in the sauce, and ENJOY!!! mmm, yummy.

Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with any item you ordered, please let any of the staff know ASAP. We will gladly correct or replace the item for you. Please relax and enjoy our traditional American hospitality. We are here to make your dining experience a pleasant one.